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 The TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) Guide

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Routine preventive maintenance has served us well over the past 40 years, but in order to maintain the equipment in optimal condition, new and progressive maintenance techniques need to be established.

It involves the cooperation of the equipment and process support personnel, equipment operators and the equipment supplier. They must work together to eliminate equipment breakdowns, reduce scheduled downtime, and maximize utilization, throughput and quality.

Total Productive Maintenance provides the methods to measure and eliminate much of the non-productive time, if implemented properly.

In order to help businesses implement TPM, Imants BVBA provides the Total Productive Maintenance Guide, a practical and comprehensive Powerpoint Presentation of all the aspects of TPM.


Table of Contents

The Total Productive Maintenance Guide is a Powerpoint Presentation consisting of 38 slides :

1. TPM Definition (2 slides)

2. Origins of TPM

3. TPM principles

4. Eight Major Pillars of TPM

1. Autonomous maintenance (2 slides)

2. Equipment and process improvement  and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (6 slides)

3. Planned maintenance

4. Early Management of New Equipment

5. Process Quality management

6. TPM in administrative and support departments

7. Education and training

8. Safety and environmental management

5. TPM implementation

1. 3 requirements for fundamental improvement

2. 12 implementation steps (15 slides)

6. TPM benefits


Target group

This guide provides strategies, tools and techniques for both executives and managers in production, maintenance, engineering, and quality departments.

It also meets the growing needs of students studying business and especially production/operations and maintenance management.



The Total Productive Maintenance Guide will enable you to:
  • adapt the presentation to your own needs
  • show the presentation in your own company
  • implement the proposed actions
  • monitor the results
  • communicate the knowledge of Total Productive Maintenance to your colleagues in your organization
  • use it as a means to deepen your understanding of the topic

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Spanish version: La Guía de Mantenimiento Productivo Total


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