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The Lean Implementation Roadmap

Manual, Presentations and Excel Worksheets




Lean Manufacturing Step by Step Guide with Full Materials - A Truly Awesome Package Enabling YOU To Turn Your Business Around !

Ex Toyota Consultant Reveals The Secret Ingredient In Any Successful Lean Implementation..... Quickly Turn Your Old, Inefficient Workforce And Machinery Into Your Very Own Cash Cow !

26 years of Lean implementation experience are incluced into this step by step guide.

It comes complete with all the Training material you will need, not only to educate yourself, but also to train the key people in your business and, most importantly,  equip you with the knowledge you need to apply these tools and make a real difference.


The Package

More than 1000 slides.

4 Excel Worksheets.

1 Implementation Manual: 60 pages


  • Overview: Step by Step Guide (Powerpoint and PDF: 9 slides)
  • Implementation Manual (PDF: 60 pages)

Diagnostic Phase

  • Cultural Assessment (Excel Worksheet)
  • Business Assessment (Excel Worksheet)
  • Stakeholder Analysis (Powerpoint and PDF: 5 slides)
  • Value Stream Analysis: Current State (Powerpoint and PDF: 54 slides)
  • Value Stream Analysis: Future State (Powerpoint and PDF: 34 slides)

Stability Phase

  • Terms of Payment Model (Powerpoint and PDF: 1 slide)
  • Key Performance Indicators (Powerpoint and PDF: 34 slides)
  • Performance Management System (Powerpoint and PDF: 40 slides)
  • Performance Management Examples (Excel Worksheet)
  • Takt Time (Powerpoint and PDF: 28 slides)
  • Work Package Creation (Powerpoint and PDF: 9 slides)
  • Issue Resolution - Problem Solving (Powerpoint and PDF: 56 slides)
  • A3 Reports (Powerpoint and PDF: 22 slides)

Strategy Phase

  • Business Vision and Operating Principles (Powerpoint and PDF: 14 slides)
  • Tactical Implementation Plans (Powerpoint and PDF: 30 slides)
  • Example Tactical Implementation Plan (Excel Worksheet)

Action Phase

  • Gateway - Step by Step (Powerpoint and PDF: 34 slides)
  • Cultural Transformation (Powerpoint and PDF: 45 slides)
  • Standardized Work (Powerpoint and PDF: 37 slides)
    • Standard in Process Stock (Powerpoint and PDF: 11 slides)
    • Standard Operations (Powerpoint and PDF: 19 slides)
    • Standard Work Combination Tables (Powerpoint and PDF: 14 slides)
  • TPM Overview (Powerpoint and PDF: 12 slides)
    • Effective Maintenance (Powerpoint and PDF: 59 slides)
    • Autonomous Maintenance (Powerpoint and PDF: 39 slides)
    • OEE (Powerpoint and PDF: 28 slides)
  • SMED - Quick Changeover (Powerpoint and PDF: 33 slides)
  • 5 S (Powerpoint and PDF: 48 slides)
  • Line Balancing (Powerpoint and PDF: 40 slides)
  • Autonomation
    • Poka Yoke (Powerpoint and PDF: 38 slides)
    • Andon Systems (Powerpoint and PDF: 24 slides)
  • Pull Systems - Kanban (Powerpoint and PDF: 22 slides)
  • Kaizen (Powerpoint and PDF: 23 slides)
  • Process Confirmation (Powerpoint and PDF: 17 slides)
  • Six Sigma
    • Overview (Powerpoint: 24 slides)
    • Variation Reduction (Powerpoint: 62 slides)
    • Quantitative Capability Assessment (Powerpoint: 21 slides)
  • People Management - Skills Matrix (Powerpoint and PDF: 24 slides)

Evaluation Phase

In the Evaluation Phase, the same tools of the Diagnostic Phase can be used, and the results can be compared.



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