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Weekly Subjects


5S Introduction
5S Seiri
5S Seiton
5S Seiso
5S Seiketsu
5S Shitsuke
Processes and Equipment
Business Process Fundamentals
Process Flowcharts
Process Mapping
Introduction to Statistical Process Control
Process Control Charts
Process Capability
Process Capability and Six Sigma
Equipment - Six Big Losses
OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
Maintenance Management Principles
Standardized Work
Value-added and non-value-added work.
Excess Transportation
Excess Inventory
Excess Processing
Correction and Rework
Motion waste
Lean Six Sigma
Value Stream Mapping
Current State Mapping
From Current State Map to Future State Map
Takt Time.
Continuous Flow
Operator Balance Chart
Pull Manufacturing
Pull Manufacturing Control Methods
Visual Factory Management
Poka Yoke or Error Proofing
SMED or Quick ChangeOver
TPM - Autonomous Maintenance
Kaizen - Continuous Improvement - Kaizen Blitz
The Lean Supply Chain
Supply Chain and Value Stream Mapping
Lean Procurement
Lean Warehousing
Lean Transportation
ABC Classification and Pareto Diagram
CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)
Six Sigma Introduction
Six Sigma Methodology 1
Six Sigma Methodology 2 - Measure
Six Sigma Methodology 3 - Analyze
Six Sigma Methodology 4 - Improve
Six Sigma Methodology 5 - Control.
Lead Time and Lead Time Reduction.
Lead Time and Lead Time Reduction.
Lead Time Reduction - Order Capturing.
Lead Time Reduction Tip - Know your Customer.
Office Value Stream Mapping and Office Wastes.
Office Waste Reduction and Elimination (1).
Office Waste Reduction and Elimination (2).
Paperless Electronic Document Transfer.
Order Planning and Scheduling.
Demand Planning.
Free Project Management Guide Ebook.
Production Planning and APS.
Pareto Chart Software.
The Distribution Activity.
Lean Manufacturing Implementation Roadmap.
ManagementSupport: Free TPM Presentation (38 slides)
ManagementSupport: Reports for Managers


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